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Michael’s clients are exceptional individuals from all walks of life—everyone from C-suite executives who need to look the part to rising stars with their eyes on the prize; movers & shakers smart enough to slow down, if only for a moment, to be photographed like human beings rather than cattle. People like you. 

Still, we’re just talking about headshots, right? Not exactly. You see, a headshot can be nothing more than a picture of your head; photobranding takes it to a whole different level. Why? Because FIRST IMPRESSIONS HAPPEN FAST.

Harvard research says 39 milliseconds is all it takes. That’s 10x faster than the blink of an eye and twice the speed of consciousness—literally faster than you think. Not only do first impressions happen fast, they run deep. Scary deep, considering no one’s really thinking about your headshot; they’re simply reacting to it: friend or foe, pro or joe, yes or no.

Love ’em or hate ’em, headshots are the handshakes of the Information Age. Bottom line: Yours better be saying the right things about you. Unfortunately, most photographers aren’t trained headshot professionals—and fewer still know their way around personal branding. This is why you can hire the right photographer and still end up with the wrong headshot.

Yes, photobranding costs a bit more than the mediocre headshot sessions you’ve experienced before, but exceptional is within your grasp. Request our current rate sheet


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_MG_8180-Edit-webCOLLABORATION. A photo branding session with Michael is a collaborative experience that begins with self examination and ends with the two of you working together to produce amazing photos that capture the real you—not what you look like, but who you are.—Kurt

_MG_7324-Edit-webSIMPLICITY. Coming from a world of glamour modeling and pop music, I was used to doing photo shoots with over-the-top hair and makeup. Working with Michael gave me the chance to showcase the REAL me and his photos are among my personal favorites.—Cali

_MG_8405-Edit-webDISCOVERY. Working with Michael isn’t just a photo session, but a lesson about yourself. It was awesome to dig deeper for how you want to be portrayed. The results were perfect and have helped me land some pretty great gigs, including a national TV spot.Robbie

_MG_6072-Edit-webGROUNDING. Michael gave me a photo I love and my audience loves, too! I’m thrilled to have an image that conveys my brand: Smarts, Spunk & Substance. I will fly, drive or walk to Cleveland if I ever need an update.—Brenda

_MG_7529-Edit-webDIRECTION. For once in a long while, I feel like I understand myself—like I have direction. As for the photographs Michael took of me, they’re amazing. I see a man who knows where he’s going. I see the man I’ve always known I can be.—Jason

_MG_7753-Edit-webEMPOWERMENT. A lot happens after a session with Michael. His process of finding the image that best expresses how you want to be seen in the world leads to profound belief. That image of strength, grounded in my three words, makes me believe I can take it all on.—Jen

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