virtual photobranding

virtual photobranding


Few photographers are true headshot specialists; fewer still are certified personal brand strategists. Michael is both. Unfortunately, there are times when clients can’t make it here to Cleveland or wait until he’s in their neck of the woods. The good news: there is now a premium solution for busy, brand-aware professionals, wherever they may be.

Take Philippe, for example. He’s a Bay Area IT executive who needed a winning headshot to support his new career positioning, but being 2,000 miles away meant the prospect of getting him in the studio with Michael was remote. 

But remote access to Michael’s headshot and branding expertise was a snap. Other than the camerawork, which in Philippe’s case was handled by Ben Krantz—a talented professional personally vetted by Michael—all of the pre-shoot prep, post-shoot editing, and collaborative retouching were handled virtually as if he’d been right here in the studio with Michael.

If there’s any “magic” to the creation of a winning headshot, it isn’t in the hands of the photographer—it’s in the mind of the subject. All I do is facilitate a shift from the lens of ego to the prism of authenticity. —Michael Cavotta

When you hire Michael Cavotta Studios as your virtual photobranding agent (VPA), you get:

PREPARATION: Winning headshots are more than just a function of face, they’re a state of mind. Expect a major brainware upgrade in the areas of headshots, personal branding and authenticity.

INSPIRATION: Proprietary headwork to boost your YQ—not just for a fraction of a second on camera, but anywhere/anytime you want access to your A game.

SERVICE: Relax—we’ve got this. Like a VIP, you show up for the shoot or it comes to you. 

EXPERTISE: Portfolios only tell part of the story. Let an expert find and vet the right local photographer to capture your personal brand.

INSIGHT: Objective, brand-based post-shoot analysis to pin-point your winning headshot—the one that’s saying the right things about you.

RESULTS: Next-level post-processing and meticulous retouching for superior image quality—on screen and in print.

Michael Cavotta Studios’ full-service photobranding program is the perfect solution for extraordinary people who can’t afford to look ordinary. Think of it as an insurance policy against the personal branding pitfalls of under-preparation, inexperience, and me-tooism. When you factor in the value of the time you’ll save and the upside of personal branding done right, it’s a smart investment that can yield a return on impression for years to come.

takes one to know one

_MG_7855-Edit-webAs a best-selling author and career strategist specializing in branded bios, I consider myself an expert in personal branding. Even so, Michael Cavotta’s approach has completely changed the way I evaluate headshots as an essential element of an authentic personal brand. I started out in front of Michael’s camera and have since been referring my personal branding clients there ever since. I couldn’t be more delighted with the results.—Kirsten Vernon, BrandedBio

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